Our philosophy is that we don't succeed unless you or your client succeeds. We strive to provide exceptional performance and stand behind all of our work. If we are in place and we have already fulfilled our contract, that doesn't mean we stop. We will almost always over deliver out of a mutual desire to see the campaign to it's fullest.

Just performing the bare minimum is just that, the bare minimum. We don't want to be considered average or good. We want to be exceptional. Our brand doesn't grow unless we help your brand grow. We often times find ourselves in place with assets in the air and the minimum number of hours or impressions already obtained. We don't stop we keep going until the next logical break point. This approach helps our clients and in turn helps us. We want our clients talking about the positive experience they have working with us. At the end of the day we are in this with you and want to fully be part of your team.

Our performance speaks for itself. Although sometimes things like weather might postpone or alter a campaign we work with you to either redirect the campaign to a different location or reschedule a make good flight at a future date. In the event of a make good flight we will always over deliver on the amount of time lost from the original scheduled flight. Many other aerial media companies will still bill you for the lost time and say the weather is beyond their control. We value our relationship with our customers more than a fast buck and the long term commitment we show is what really sets us apart.