Campaign Analysis and Media Planning

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice! Well in our world its more of a, How do you get started with an aerial media campaign? Planning, Planning Planning! Wether utilizing traditional media or extreme media such as aerial out-of home, campaign analysis and planning are the keys to campaign success.

The first step of analyzing is crucially important. During this first stage we meet with you to discuss your or your clients target objectives and overall campaign desires. We analyze the geo-locations, social media behaviors and traffic patterns of the desired geo-fenced location. This help establish a simplified base line objective and target analytics. With those in hand we look through our available inventory and make recommendations based on your input and desires.

Once the analysis is complete and everyone is on board with the target objective and performance metrics, we start the flight planning process. Flight planning can be very simple in the case of a banner tow plane or SkyLight campaign. Additionally the planning can involve quite a bit more if utilizing something more intense like our airships or multi-city deployment options. All of the planning is handled by a Boling Air Media specialist working in conjunction with you. Should any special permits or flight authorizations be required, we work with the appropriate authorities to complete that process for you.