Campaign Flight Operations and Full Campaign Execution

The fun part of any campaign is surely the actual flying. This is a great opportunity to involve the media and further your traditional buy, utilizing your aerial campaign. This additional no charge exposure will bring your overall CPM down to levels unobtainable by any other medium.

The flights themselves are the greatest part of the campaign because this is where the rubber meets the road or the message meets the sky. Seeing your or your clients messaging rise above everything is an amazing experience. In certain cases this is a spot where you or your client can go up in the aircraft depending on specifics such as aircraft, flight requirements etc... We encourage you and your client to come out and be part of the magic. When we fly we always draw a crowd. This crowd is eagerly looking to engage with you about your company and we will help facilitate this engagement in any way we can.

Of course the first flight isn't the only part of the campaign. The campaign can include additional on ground assets or post flight appearances by our skydivers, pilots and crew to fully execute your overall campaign. Memorable keep sakes can be past out to VIP's and photos are always welcome and strongly encouraged. Very rarely can an advertiser say that their billboard was such a desired photographic opportunity. Aerial media helps build brand and message awareness and carries it for many years, because of the unique delivery method.