Performance Monitoring & Analytics Tracking

Thanks to specialized software and avionics, we are able to provide you with customized Analytics, Tracking Reports and Performance Monitoring. We utilize the latest in performance matrix reporting allowing us to quantify to you or your client in an agency basis, the effectiveness of the campaign with accurate impression counts and viewer engagement.

At the beginning of each flight, a GPS tracking report is started using both onboard avionics and cellular tracking devices. These sources create both an accountability report and a flight path for post flight analyzation. These reports are then rendered out post flight, and are matched to street maps. Once the streets are identified and the view-ability corridor is established based on ad size and weather conditions, the outer boundary of visibility is established for the entire flight. At that point the flight path view-ability radius is compared with both state and local municipality average daily traffic counts, finally establishing what we call estimated direct impressions (EDI). EDI is never the full amount and is always calculated as a percentage of possible viewership based on day of flight specifics such as special event road construction during traffic commutes etc...

Once we have these reports in hand they are given to you the customer or your agency for campaign analysis and cost effectiveness evaluation. Since these reports are only based on physical eyeballs on the ad, the numbers of actual impressions are always higher, when you include social media and individual sharing. The social media impact although more difficult to track, is measurable and quantifiable, utilizing custom web software that performs social media keyword tracking searches as well as real time social media monitoring. This monitoring can be as simple as how many posts or tweets you garnered all the way to the sentiment of the post including tone analysis. For further in depth tracking our team of media experts welcome the opportunity to work with your staff to track and analyze based on your precise needs.